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Hello, my name is Madison Montgomery. I am often praised for my radiant smile, vibrant, cherry, red hair and enchanting green eyes. I possess an exquisite figure, standing tall and toned with a statue, silhouette, accentuated by an hourglass shape and long, slender legs.

My personal style exudes femininity and elegance. I delight in dressing up, for whatever the occasion may be. Among my diverse array of interests, I find solace and inspiration in music, the creative arts, business, psychology, philanthropy, spirituality, fashion, holistic health and wellness, and yoga.

Through life‘s intricate tapestry, I have cultivated, a compassionate nature, finding profound satisfaction in building, meaningful, lasting connections. While I am flattered by compliments on my physical attributes, I am more than meets the eye. Beneath my surface lies a kind, well spoken and well read woman. I am versed in various cultures and subjects. Engaging in intellectually, stimulating conversations on any topic is my forte, ensuring an enthralling and thought provoking experience. Should you seek a companion with a tender heart, alluring presence and captivating essence, I believe we will get along wonderfully.

Let us transcend beyond first impressions and embark on a journey of genuine connection. I eagerly anticipate our time together.

with love







Prescreened first time clients:

90 minute minimum – $1500

Existing/repeat clients:

90 minute minimum – $1500

2 hours – $2000

All longer dates (must include some social time in public depending on the duration of time booked)

3 hours – $2800

4 hours – $3500

6 hours – $4500

8 hours – $5000

14 hours – $6500

24 hours – $8500

For each additional day, add $4000


Add round trip Uber Black fee if within driving distance.

For FMTY, add round trip business or first class flights and 4-5 star hotel accommodations.

I require 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep for overnight and extended dates. I am a light sleeper. Disrupting my sleep impacts my physical and mental wellbeing the next day. I also require some time to check in with my friends and/or family during extended dates. Please keep in mind that my loved ones have my location at all times for my safety. Thank you for understanding.

My rates are for my time and companionship only. You will find my rates to be in preference of longer dates. I find 3 hours or longer to be more memorable and authentic. I nurture and prioritize extended dates with those who seek an unrushed experience.

A 20% non refundable deposit is required for all bookings whether you are meeting me for the first time, or you are continuing the enjoyment of my companionship.

I accept Apple Pay, Cash App, Google Pay, Bitcoin, wire transfer, Uber Gift Card or Southwest Airlines Gift Card. I do not accept PayPal, Venmo, Amazon Gift Card or prepaid debit cards. Gifts from my wishlist are very much appreciated, although they do not substitute a deposit.


Fly Me To Your city with a minimum 4 hour booking for west coast, minimum 6 hour booking for anywhere else in the continental USA, and minimum 24 hour booking for anywhere else Worldwide. I am passport ready. I love to travel and would be delighted for you to show me your city, accompany you on a business trip, or have a romantic getaway somewhere!

See my rates for dates up to 24 hours long. For each additional day, add $4000.

Fly Me To You dates will incur flight and accommodation expenses paid in addition to your deposit at the time of booking. I’ll book my own flights to maintain my privacy. 

A deposit of 50% of my rate + fees above will be required for FMTY dates by credit card, Apple Pay, Cash App, Zelle, or Bitcoin. For trips over 24 hours long, 25% is sufficient. The remaining donation will be required upon my arrival in cash.

I require a nonrefundable 20% deposit for ALL dates. I accept Credit Card, Apple Pay, Cash App, Bitcoin, Southwest Airlines Gift Card or Uber Gift Card for the deposit. If you prefer no electronic paper trail, the gift card options can be purchased with cash in stores like CVS & Walgreens, etc. then you email or text me the claim codes. I DO NOT accept Paypal, Venmo or Prepaid Debit cards.

Upon arrival, please present the remaining donation in cash in plain sight. If we are meeting in public for, please provide the donation in cash in a gift bag within the first 5 minutes of my arrival.

48 hours notice is required to avoid a cancellation fee. If 48 hours notice can’t be given, then a cancellation fee of 100% of my rate is required.

In the unlikely event that I have to cancel or postpone for my own personal reasons, I will hold your deposit for a future date. If a future date is not possible, I will refund your deposit.

•No free text conversations, excessive emailing or DMs on my social media. If you have a confirmed meeting with me and a deposit booked, we can coordinate our upcoming plans. If you would like to chat with me and do not have a confirmed date, you can pay for a virtual consulting package. This is only available to prescreened clients and verifiable companions. My time, expertise, knowledge, advice, etc is not free.

• No screening = none of my time. All of the information you need to know is on my website. Follow the instructions and you are rewarded with my response.

• I will reward loyalty with loyalty. The consequence of disloyalty is distance (no communication).

• I will not do a duo with anyone I have not met in person prior.

• FMTY requires first class or business class airfare and accommodation at a 4 or 5 star hotel.

• My minimum time is 2 hours for new clients and 90 minutes for existing clients.

• I will not accept last minute appointment requests from anyone. It disturbs my peace and you will not get the best version of me that way.

• OnlyFans does not bring me joy. What is available there now will be available still for a bit at a premium rate, but I will not be making any new content. If you want to see me, you can see me in person. I will be quitting OF permanently before the end of 2024.

While I use reporting sites and blacklisting only for the most egregious behavior, refusing my deposit policy or cancelling without paying the cancellation fee is grounds for adding you to these lists.


I love and so appreciate receiving gifts! It makes our connection so much more special and memorable.

Or you can purchase something and bring it when we meet or ship it to me 🙂

My Sizes:

Shoes/heels: US 9-9.5 or EUR 40.5
Bra: 36DDD
Panties & Lingerie: Large
Dress: Medium/Large or size 10
Inseam: 36 inches

My Favorite Perfumes:

Chloe – Original
Bond No. 9 – Hamptons
Phlur – Somebody Wood
Gucci – Bloom
Killian – Good Girl Gone Bad

My Favorite Lingerie:

Honey Birdette
La Perla
Edge o’ Beyond

My Favorite Jewelry:

David Yurman
Louis Vuitton

My Favorite Handbags:

Louis Vuitton

My Favorite Shoes:

Marc Fisher
Cole Haan
Nike High Top Air Jordans

Gift Cards:

Honey Birdette
Fine Dining Restaurants
Trader Joe’s
Alo Yoga

Sophia Spencer ~

Yes, I would be happy to verify you up to 3 times. If you’d like to use me as a reference more than 3 times, please send a $100 tip per time as a token of appreciation.

If I have the items you request, I am happy to wear them for our time together. If I don’t have the items you request, I will wear them if you bring them to our date. Otherwise, dress for the occasion. I usually wear a classy dress with black or red lingerie and stiletto heels. Please keep in mind that when I’m on tour, I travel light and probably don’t have a specific request, but I will have options.


My donation is for my time and reflects the companionship I offer combined with my several years of experience and the reputation I’ve earned. My rates are NEVER negotiable. If you try to negotiate or haggle, I will have to decline meeting you and add you to the blacklists. If you book an appointment with me and cannot stay the full time, I will not be offended if you leave early, however the donation applies to the time you booked.

For your deposit, yes. All major credit cards are accepted through my Wishtender which incurs a 10% processing fee (taken by them, not me). Cash is required for the remainder of my rate at the start of our date.

If your only option is to pay for the entire rate of our date via credit card or other electronic payment methods, add 40% in addition to the date rate.

Very much so! You can share your fetishes and kinks with me after your screening has been verified and we can incorporate them into our date if they are within my comfortability.

I’m also very experienced in Domination.

If you are a submissive and seeking purely a BDSM session rather than GFE companionship, please indicate that in your screening form submission after reviewing my alter ego site: – I’m also accepting applications for virtual and in-person servitude. See the “Serve Me” portion of the site above.

Yes, I offer virtual dates and coaching to clients and companions. Fill out the screening form at the end of this page and specify that you are interested in virtual and I will send you my packages or provide you a quote and guidelines






Exclusive Independent Escorts in London, New York & Worldwide

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I look forward to connecting with you.

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